Kinga Glyk Female Bass Guitarist Wears Hats

Kinga Glyk Female Bass Guitarist Wearing Cool Hat

Meet Kinga Glyk, a female bass guitarist, who wears hats and plays a really mean bass guitar. This young music professional is really good and a pleasure to watch. Of course, her playing and image is enhanced by the cool hats and caps she wears sometimes, both in her YouTube videos and her live performances on stage.

The World Needs More Hats

Woman Trying on Beige Hat in Nice Hat Store

It’s estimated that the Hat and Cap industry in the United States is close to $2.5 billion dollars in revenue, as of early 2021. Somebody is buying a lot of hats and caps no matter whether they are women’s baseball caps or men’s cowboy hats or unisex fedora hats or beanies. It is my contention that even with those numbers, it is not enough. The world needs more hats!

Why Hats and Caps for Women and Girls

Woman with Eyes Hidden Tips Hat | ChickLidz

You may wonder why I would create ChickLidz, a website about hats and caps for women and girls, when the struggle to make some noise is a huge uphill battle in a crowded field where competition is fierce. The reason is deeper than you think, and you will want to find out why.

Leather Fedora Hats for Women

Man Wearing a Hat with a Woman - Boat and Water in the Background

Some hats are typically thought of as being for men. In case you haven’t noticed, there are many women wearing hats these days. And, there are plenty wearing one of my favorites. Leather fedora hats for women seem to be getting more and more popular and they are here to stay in many forms.

Women’s Hats in the Entertainment World

Woman Wearing Brown Flower Hat at Sunset

I noticed women’s hats in the entertainment world while watching a period movie that eventually became a favorite of ours. The hats were so prevalent and were so cool in that flick. This movie flipped the switch and got me thinking and dreaming about what I could do with this obsession in relation to my wife and my daughters.

About ChickLidz

Young Woman Wearing a Black Hat Walking Up Outside Stairs

Find information about ChickLidz here – how we got started, why we exist and what our goals are. As a centralized hub of information and resources for the many styles and types of hats and caps that women and girls wear, we trust that you will find something of interest, and will come back to visit many times.